Structural Analysis: Toyo Ito’s Serpentine Pavilion

institution: harvard graduate school of design
course: innovative construction in japan
instructor: mark mulligan
team members: johanna faust, justin jiang, felipe oropeza, and myself
time: spring 2015
project: model, analysis, and representation of toyo ito’s serpentine pavilion
location: london, england

Toyo Ito’s and Cecil Balmond’s design for the 2002 Serpentine Pavilion in London was a structurally driven concept. As a temporary structure, the pavilion required a fast construction schedule as well as a strategy for disassembly. Within a group of four students, we analyzed the detail drawings and collaboratively developed a hypothesis for the design and construction decisions. Our presentation represented the generative geometric concept, construction phasing, structural load distribution, joinery, materiality, and overall successes and failures of the project.


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