Objet Pétit à

institution: harvard graduate school of design
instructors: danielle etzler / mark mulligan
team members: ruth chang, justin gallagher, emily margulies, patrick mckinley, and myself
time: 1st semester / fall 2013
project: casting a unit module and aggregation representation

With a team of six, we were charged with casting a unit module and to represent its aggregated form. Our assigned material was rubber. Considering the structural and material properties of rubber, we decided to cast ball-and-socket units that could fit into one another like a puzzle piece. This module takes full advantage of rubber’s defining characteristic of elasticity, and more rigid materials such as concrete or rockite cannot utilize a removable ball-and-socket joint. The balls of each unit must be squeezed into their reciprocal shape, but can then return to their original form. The aggregation is flexible but is also solidly held together.


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